Blog Blessing from Canada

As is only fitting, we devote our first Talus Rock Retreat blog to Micheline and Shane Ryckman to convey to them our deepest gratitude.

The Ryckmans are recent additions to our ever-extending Canadian family and, as a blessing to Talus Rock Retreat, Micheline brought her graphic artistry as a professional photographer and publisher to help us to develop a blog.

As a seasoned blogger herself, Micheline’s fabulous blog Ordinary to Extraordinary featured Talus Rock Retreat in a recent post. You might recognize the artful Indian orphan montage creation in her post which is now predominantly featured on our website Mission/Goodwill page. I have to admit, it was not so much her suggestion of creating a blog (of course, what a great idea!), but it was her impetus and sheer follow-through that made this blog happen. Micheline, her husband Shane, and their 2 wonderfully talented children, Hunter and Hannah, drove just over an hour from Creston, British Columbia, last Sunday to tutor me in the way of blogs. While Hannah filled Talus Rock Retreat with joy and beautiful piano music, Hunter and Shane watched movies in the home theater and threw balls for dogs, Panda and Talus. Micheline, determined and intent to finish her intended mission, patiently walked me through the initial blog set up offering ideas, hints, wise media suggestions, and the hands on technological know-how to actually get this blog up and running. Her effort alone made the difference between another entry on a long list of things to do, and you reading this today.

We sincerely offer our appreciation to Micheline and her family, thanking her profusely for recognizing Talus Rock Retreat as a place and opportunity to contribute her considerable gifts.  To our delight, the family will return in May to take new photographs of Talus Rock Retreat to best capture the property’s extraordinary depth and charisma.  You will eventually see her photographs on our website that will no doubt help to attract even more guests to Talus Rock Retreat.  We’d like to continue to offer this place as a love letter to those in need; our front door is open to you.

Talus Rock Retreat Front Door

Come in! Come in! Come in! (Front door carved by woodworking artist, Stacey Mitchell, Utah, inspired by Robert Bateman’s work “Clear Night Wolves“)

Thank you Ryckmans and to all of you who give your gifts of time and talent to your local communities and to those in foreign lands.


14 comments on “Blog Blessing from Canada

  1. Micheline says:

    Awe – that is so sweet!!! It has been a honor being of help to you guys! SOOOOO looking forward to MAY!!!

  2. […] Many of you saw the post I wrote about Talus Rock Retreat. Shane and I took another little trip down there again recently to help them out with creating a blog. It really is an amazing place – a place that was built to bless those in need. Check out my previous post about this place >>> Talus Rock Retreat and then check out the first post on their new blog about us >>> Blog Blessing From Canada. […]

  3. Bloggin’ is fun, especially when good friends drop by, but never overstay their welcome.
    Hugs to you and Bruce, and be looking in the mail for a little present I’m sending your way.

  4. Andrew & Robin Bair says:

    What a blessing your place is!!! So quiet like a paradise from God! Thank you for a wonderful, quiet(which we desperately needed)time.


    Andrew and Robin Bair

  5. Hi H, what an Awesome Place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Door looks Awesome!!!!!
    Thanks again for letting me be a some peice of your dream!!
    S in Utah or CO. or :>))))

  6. I am happy to have read about your gifts to others. I am an addictions and mental health counselor as well as a Christian. May the Lord bless and keep you whatever may come. I would love to give you my support somehow–perhaps post the info on Faceboook?

    • Thanks Cynthia! Feel free to recommend us to your clients for a visit (and do come visit as well). You can also “Like us” on FaceBook and follow this blog. That would be terrific! (And I will be sure to check out your blog!)

  7. And please drop by my blog some day also!

  8. Heather and Bruce,
    Sounds like things are looking up. I am so glad. You are making a difference, in spite of adversity. The rewards are sweeter, I’m sure. I’m thankful for your perseverence and positive attitude. You have a wonderful, patient way of looking at things and I pray God’s strength in you. All I can say is…WOW! with all our love and best hopes, Ken and Therese

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Therese. Sure hope you and Ken drop in one of these days during perhaps a winter walk up the hill (don’t wait for spring!) Between work and work (oh, and work), we are most always rooted here doing this, that or the another thing. SURPRISE US!

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